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Get a Move On

Welcome to Metro Profiles' web site. Metro Profiles has been around as a home-based business for nearly 25 years, offering extensive information, when and how you want it, about public and private schools, child care, and recreation programs in metro areas across the country. As a solo entrepreneur business, there’s no bureaucracy. When you call, you will not get put on hold! When you email, you will get a response promptly.

Price, Quality, Service; Metro Profiles aims to provide all three, for every product or service we have or create. Let us know how we can help you.

Metro Profiles, 1674 Cumberland, Aurora IL 60504, 630-499-5810,


A road map to the metro area sections' main depots:    Los Angeles                   Chicago                New York City              Houston               Las Vegas             San Francisco      


Boston                 Dallas/Fort Worth                   Seattle                  Atlanta                 Miami                    Baltimore                       Washington D.C.                     Philadelphia        


Austin                  San Antonio         Minneapolis-St Paul                Denver                 St. Louis


Coming soon! Community guide pages for each town in your neck of the woods! Each town guide will feature community information, mentions of family friendly attractions, and a service directory of participating local private businesses that serve the needs of homeowners and families.

Chicago                Los Angeles                   New York City              Houston               Las Vegas                   San Francisco       Boston                 Dallas/Fort Worth                   Seattle          


Atlanta                 Miami                   Baltimore                       Washington DC                       Philadelphia         Austin                  San Antonio         Minneapolis-St Paul                Denver


New pages, recently posted! Are you looking for an early childhood center director, teaching or support staff position? Is your child care center or family home looking for help? Metro Profiles can post your listing! Please visit the child care staffing page to help you get started.

If are you an individual with a disability seeking employment or looking to start a business, please visit the shred the word page on this website. Or go directly to the Celebrate Potential Family Entrepreneurial Network website.

Customized, individualized child care information available through Child Care Connections! Check out the page to see what we offer!


Announcing! Private school and child care center/home lists: ideal for parents who are looking for a private school or child care, as well as for business, non-profits and government agencies to market/announce their products/services to schools and child care facilities. For a free quote, email us with the town(s), state(s), and zip code(s) for which you are looking for care (subject line: school/childcare spreadsheet list quote). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A note from Elisa Surowiec, Recruitment Supervisor for Bright Horizons Family Solutions: I began ordering lists from Metro Profiles back in 2013 and have been very pleased with the high quality of work, the turnaround time of completion and also the pricing. Being in the early childhood field in a metropolitan area on the East Coast, Susie asked questions that were pertinent to providing a list of early childhood and child care centers, to ensure the quality was top notch. She questioned if certain things were important to our company; email address, size of center, etc. and devised a list around our needs. Quite frequently, she would say the list would be done the following week but 99.9% of the time, it was done before her own deadline. As she was creating the lists for us, she would also check in to ensure she was on the right track and her communication was prompt, to the point and always professional. Since I cover the New York City region, she was recommended to other areas on the East Coast and she was able to provide thousands of contacts in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Metro Profiles for your list making needs as this is our ‘go-to’ company due to Susie’s high quality of work, her attention to detail, turnaround time and concern for the customer.


Special announcement: Do you have helpful tips about looking for child care or schools in your area? Know about local/regional goings on related to child care or schools? Have a link to an informative local website? If so, please shoot us an email about it! All responses will be considered for posting on the "Child Care Tidbits" section on this site’s Child Care Spotlight page for your area or on the School Profiles page for your area, along with your name and job title (e.g. owner of XYZ business or public relations director at XYZ business). Note: those will not be included if you request anonymity. All submitters can receive a spreadsheet list of child care centers in their zip code(s) of residence and employment at half-price (no cost if submission is posted on a Child Care Spotlight or School Profiles page). This offer is limited to the submitter’s first-time submission.



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